Hearing Aid Rechargeable Invisible In-Ear Digital Hearing Amplifier Noise Cancelling Hearing Device



Our Hearing Aid has passed FCC, FDA certification and is a product with guaranteed quality. Safer to use.
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[INVISIBLE AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR]:This sound aids is very discreet, invisible and comfortable to wear in both ears. Comes with various ear domes for best fit. Note: digital sound amplifier for MILD to MODERATE hearing_loss. Perfect choice alternative to custom hearing aids.
[3-IN-1 FUNCTIONS SWITCH]: This button function for controlling 3 programs,8 volume adjustments and standby mode , help you to hear what you’re missing. Note: If you have difficulty manipulating small devices, this ear device is extremely small and may be difficult to operate.
[ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY]: Hearing amplifier aid with 6 channels digital processor, with noise reduction and feedback cancellation. This voice amplifier comes with 3 modes: 1- Normal Setting, 2-Noisy Setting, 3- Treble Setting. Help you to hear sounds of nature.
[LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE]: Rechargeable hearing amplifiers are good and all but they are still larger and bulkier. Our hearing amplifiers are even 20% smaller than others and you'll be able to use our hearing amplifiers for an extended period of time without having to worry about the batteries running out. When it does run out, you can easily replace them with common easy to find A10 batteries. Through normal use batteries will last between 4-7 days


1. You have a severe or profound hearing problem, please go to see a hearing professional instead of buying this hearing amplifier.
2. You have difficulty operating small devices, this amplifier is extremely small for you.
3. You have trouble differentiating words spoken at comfortable volume e.g., bee vs fee. This device will NOT improve clarity or recognition of spoken words.


Our hearing enhancer(CIC) is very discreet, invisible, easy to hide and comfortable to wear in both ears. Comes with various ear domes for best fit. Programs and Volume Levels easily adjust with one finger for adults and seniors, and best for MILD to MODERATE hearing needs.

Our digital ear amplifier with digital noise reduction and noise canceling come with 3 Preset Mode to Amplify Hearing and help you hear clear:
1) Normal Setting - Regular Listening. Amplifies all frequencies (Great in small groups)
2) Noisy Setting - Reduce Background Noise (good for use in restaurant, windy day etc.)
3) Treble Setting - Decreases High Frequency Sounds, Good for Quiet Place to Talk (whistling, squealing, feedback)

A. 100% Digital Circuitry
B. 6 Channels, 12 Band Digital Sound Processor with Noise Canceling
C. Adaptive Layered Background Noise Reduction Feature helps in reducing unwanted background noise
D. WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression) makes soft sounds audible
E. Automatic Memory-if the device is turned off, the program and volume selection always remains the same until changed by the user
F. Prompt tone-clearly know what setting you have it on

Eight Volume Levels+Three Memory Mode+ Sleep Mode
Pressing 1 Second: 8 Volume levels(Cycle Adjustment)
Pressing and Hold 2 Seconds(Cycle Adjustment):
Beep Once into Mode 1-Normal Setting
Beep Twice into Mode 2-Noisy Setting
Beep Three Times into Mode 3-Treble Setting
Long Press and Hold 6 Seconds into Sleep Mode.

Using the Amplifier in Restaurants
Even the most expensive prescription hearing devices cannot completely eliminate background noise but
1.Using a closed ear dome
2.Adjust to Noisy Mode( Mode 2)
3.Turn up the volume level gradually
4.With practice in restaurants, tangible improvements can be achieved within weeks can help to minimize the amount of background noise that is able to get inside your ear canal.

But minimizing the amount of background noise will allow you to focus better on the conversation in front of you.

How to reduce feedback?
Ensure the Ear Dome fits snugly in your ear canal, if it is too loose, replace with a larger ear dome.
Please make sure the pulling line is below, and the volume button/dial is above when you wearing it.
Turning down volume and the volume level no higher than 6.
You can use Mode 3 to reduce the amplification of the high frequency sound.

CIC Hearing Amplifier Pair - 1 - Right Ear, Red & 1 - Left Ear, Blue
Instruction Manual & Quick User Guide
12 Ear Domes for Proper Fit
4 A10 Size Batteries
Cleaning Brushes
Convenient Carrying Case
Customer Support

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