Automatic Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Touchless Auto Hand Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser: Stainless Steel Silver


This is a high-grade stainless steel soap dispenser.
Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, office, hospital, school, hotel, KTV, our Auto Soap Dispenser is the most efficient way to wash your hands effectively avoiding cross infection.
If you order 4 or more, we will ship DHL Express for free.
You will receive the product within 4-12 days.

【Intelligent Design】Automatic soap dispenser with built-in precision infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology. So you can get a hands-free soap dispenser quickly.You can avoid cross infection without touching the soap dispenser.Just put your hand under the sensor to start the soap dispenser. You can control the amount of soap by moving your hands. When your hands are away from the sensor, the soap dispensing stops. No water or soap drops.
【High quality materials】With 304 stainless steel and premium PC + ABS plastic material.This soap dispenser is suitable for any bathroom or hotels and public places .Transparent visual window design, convenient and beautiful, can grasp the use of liquid in real time.And the enhanced motor power provides a more stable liquid production.
【Waterproof and durable】 The soap dispenser is equipped with Class 3A leak proof and waterproof technology to prevent soap or water from corroding the board.
【Easy to use】Dual power supply design,use of battery or plug in power.Wall hanging design.The product is equipped with two nails for installation.It can fix the product on the wall , without occupying the space of the washing table.


The dispenser is automatic using an infra-red sensor for control and an advanced combined high-performance. Accurate, high-speed activation. You can use all kinds of liquids, including disinfectant gels with high alcohol content with no drips.

✔ Wall Mount for Convenience & Ease of Operation
1. Select the position where you would like to mount automatic soap dispenser, at last 60cm the table-board.
2. Drill two holes, the distance between the holes should be 36mm and the diameter 6mm with parallel.
3. Put into the stopper.
4. Use the screw to fix the fixed plate.

▲ Features:
1.Detection:Infra-red sensors
2.Operating Voltage:DC 6V
3.Power: 4AA Batteries
4.Working Current:180mA
5.Standby Current:0.05mA
6.Detection Distance Preset at 2.5-7.5cm
7.Activation Time:1seconds
8.Working Time:1 seconds
10.Material:Stainless steel 18/8
11.Installation Method: Wall-Mounted
12.Product Dimesion:95*100*203mm

▲Package included:
2.Fixed plate
3.Instructions manual
4.2pcs Stoppers
5.2pcs Screwss
6.US Plug Power Adapter

1. Open the battery box, install the batteries, the indicator light should flash. This means the dispenser is ready to use.
2. Open the cover, pour into liquid.
3. Make sure the dispenser close up the wall.
4. Make sure the dispenser alignment Guide a slot.
5. From down to up follow the guide a slot upwards as shown on pictures.

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