2 Pairs Heart Effect Glasses - See Hearts for Outdoor Music Party/Bar/Fireworks Displays/Holiday Lights/Club/Concert Lights

See Hearts: Red


These Heart Diffraction Glasses transform ordinary reality into a multicolored, heart-filled wonderland! Regular diffraction glasses create a prism effect around every light source, but our specially designed lenses turn each of those lights into a perfect heart shape. The result is an easily navigated, clearly rendered nighttime world where every light is surrounded by a burst of brilliant hearts - each the same color as the light source!

The possibilities of visual exploration are endless with 3D Heart Diffraction Glasses, but here are a few ideas:

Wear them to concerts or any venue with light displays
Laser shows
Music festivals
Glow Parties
Or a regular night out on the town

Imagine holiday lights and fireworks with an extra dimensions of rainbow hearts! And while we do not recommend driving with 3D Heart Diffraction Glasses, riding as a passenger can be lots of fun.

The HEART-style frames are sturdy and stylish in a sleek black with a subtle shine. Our high quality lenses are designed and made in the USA for the clearest vision and best visual experience. For easy cleaning, avoid contact with oily substances and wipe lenses with a clean cotton or microfiber cloth.

Package Content: 2 x Sunglasses

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