Non contact thermometer Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer: 1 PCS


【ACCURATE AND FAST TEMPERATURES READINGS】The Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer is equipped with the latest infrared technology and has been clinically tested for accuracy and reliability. You just need to press a button when you using this forehead digital thermometer, then it will provide accurate temperature instantly within 1 second.
【 NON-CONTACT INFRARED BODY THERMOMTE】You don't need to contact the body when using this can be detected within a radius of 1 cm to 5 cm. Method of use: the thermometer is aligned with the middle of the forehead to measure body temperature(between the eyebrows above)and keep the vertical distance, press the On/measure button, temperature display immediately.
【TWO-MODE MULTI-FUNCTION THERMOMTER】This body thermometer has two modes, including "Body" mode and "Surface" mode. it can not only measure body temperature in babies or adults through the forehead mode but also measure the temperature of objects. such as water, bottle, food temperature, and so on.
【UP TO 32 READINGS CAN BE STORED】The temperature readings of the forehead thermometer can be stored in memory. Up to 32 temperature readings can be stored in the memory cells and automatically overwrite historical could help you follow the trend of body temperature, keep abreast of your family's health.
【INTELLIGENT ALARM】The Infrared Thermometer has the function of a Three-color backlight color alarm. If the temperature is in the normal range(95.9℉-99.1℉/35.5-37.3℃), the LCD will show green. If the temperature is above the normal range (default setting of 99.1℉ / 37.3℃), the thermometer will emit a warning sound and the LCD will show yellow(which means you may behave a slight fever) or red(which mean you may behave a high fever).


Product Details:
Digital Infrared Thermometer Forehead Reader(battery not include)
High-quality multi purpose thermometer for adults noncontact use, or children.

Noncontact infrared forehead thermometer reading
Measures temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
Large backlight screen display
Highly accurate readings
For forehead or surfaces readings
32 reading memory storage

Easy to use
Fever warning alert alarm beeps and the display turns red with high temperature
Backlight Color Reading Displays
86.0-99.3 F° Green light
99.5-100.2 F° Orange light
100.4-109.4 F° Red light with a warning alarm

A high-quality digital thermometer forehead or surface reader provides you with top-notch accuracy and rapid temperature display readings. Whether it’s for home use, surfaces, or thermometer for adults non contact workplace screenings, children school non-contact readings this is the perfect multi-purpose infrared digital thermometer for you.

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