Cell Phone Microscope 20 to 400x Magnification Universal for All Phone Models

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Cell Phone Microscope: Black
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Bullet Points:
1、Easy to Use: Microscopes are often used in biology classes at school. This microscope allows you to see microbes clearly without having to close one eye alone.
2、Convenient to Carry: Weighing 3g, 5mm in thickness. As long as it is attached to the mobile phone, it is easy to travel and convenient, so you can play micro photography anytime, anywhere.
3、2um optical resolution, flat field apochromatic micro objective. Approximately 20-400 times magnification, The field of view diameter of about 5mm.
4、No Battery Requirement: Mobile phone flash for lighting, no battery, no restrictions on models (compatible with Android, IOS and other smartphones).
5、Curiosity Stimulation: Many things in life, showing different beauty under the microscope, leading your child to explore the micro-world and stimulate children's curiosity.

Name: Mobile Phone Microscope
Size: about 42*18*5mm/1.65*0.71*0.98in
Material: PC

Operation Steps:
1. Place the back of the microscope flat on the desktop, open the phone APP and turn on the flash.
2. Align the camera with the microscope lens, the phone flash is aimed at the mirror body, and the aperture appears in the middle of the screen.
3. Hold the phone close to the microscope, keep the aperture in the center of the screen, and press to hold the phone and microscope close together.
4. Attach the microscope to the object to be observed for observation.

Packing List:
1*Cell Phone Microscope

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