High Transparency Breathable Transparent Shield Glasses Anti-Fog Safety Goggle Face Shield Safety Glasses Eyewear Protective for Man and Women

Reusable Shield Glasses: 1 PCS


【Safe and comfortable】 - Safe and comfortable the full face protective cap provides more comprehensive coverage and protects the face from saliva flying into the air.
【High-density protective shell】- High-density casing, While Covering the eyes, nose and mouth,saliva droplets, and paints from splashing into the eyes. This protects your eyes and face well.
【 Simple and stylish】 - The ergonomic and minimalist design makes a comfortable andstylish face guard to wearwherever you go,reducing the uneasy feeling of wearing a face guard .
【Transparent Design】 - The face Cover has a large protective transparent spacer, it can protect the entire face . visibility is high and there is space between the face and the protective cover.
【Compatible and widely used】 - Compatible with glasses, covering eyes, nose and mouth, this product has been carefully designed for Skiing, snowboarding, biking and other outdoor sports .

Why should we wear it now?
For now,For safety,For your familiy!

Here are some points:
"People are face guard less likely to touch their face when wearing a face shield"
"Maybe you need to put a barrier or some kind of restriction,whatever it would take,to not touch your face"
"(Wearing this is) very effective for changing the unconscious behavior"
You can still wear your own glasses while you are wearing this"

1. Safety protection, smooth breathing and no hypoxia
2. Ergonomic design, fit the face shape
3. Dlarge screen with excellent anti-fog effect and provides you with unlimited visibility.
4. Made of high quality material, Effectively prevent droplets from splashing into the nasal cavity. Anti-Fog.
5. Lightweight and easy to use,It doesn't take up space and is easy to carry. Great for outdoor.
6.Generally, Use protection when traveling through congested airport bus terminals malls parks and busy city roads.

Color: Transparent
SIZE: 16.5x13.4cm/6.5 x5.3inch

Package include:
Reusable Shield Glasses*1

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