UV Light Sanitizer Box Portable Smart Phone Sterilizer With Wireless Charging Aromatherapy Function For Makeup Tools Glasses Watch Keys

UV Light Sanitizer Box: Standard Version


📱 KEEPS YOUR DEVICE CLEAN: Our UV sanitizer phone sanitizer efficiency 99.9% making it the best disinfector. This UV lightbox does not use any liquid or heat but uses Ultra-Violet light that is safe and harmless. The UV-C light reaches between gaps that are inaccessible to cleaning wipes.
⌚ WORKS FOR ALL PHONES AND SMALL GADGETS: The large and spacious compartment of this UV sterilizer box makes it ideal for the disinfection of any device. It will fit phones under 7.5 inches and is also ideal for gadgets and jewelry like iPods, Bluetooth headsets, watches, toys, toothbrushes, glasses, keys, watches, and any other small items. Definitely the best phone sanitizer UV lightbox available.
👜 GOES WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO: A small form factor makes this UV cell phone sanitizer conveniently portable. What is more, the UV sanitizer box is powered by USB making it a practical and convenient gadget for everyday use. Use your UV phone sanitizer at home, in the office, when traveling, or even gift it to a special person.
🌷 FEATURES AROMATHERAPY FUNCTION: More than just being a cell phone sanitizer sterilizer, this UV light phone cleaner features a cool aromatherapy function to help you relax. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil and place the aromatherapy switch. After the disinfection is complete, your device will come out smelling heavenly.

Upgrade With Phone Wireless Charging
Accommodates up to 7-inch smartphones 

Clean Anywhere and Anytime
This smartphone sanitizer is charged by a universal USB cable. You can connect it to your power bank, laptop, and anything with a USB port.
Its size is as small as a notebook and it can be easily put into your bag. You can do cleaning whether you’re at home, at work, or traveling.

The Best Gift for Your Family & Friends.
It comes with a white gift box. A great gift for those people who care a lot about their health.

Color: White
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 1-2A
Power: 2x 1W
Maximum Power: 9W
Product size: 225 * 125 * 50mm
Internal Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 30mm
Item Weight: 338 grams / 0.75 pounds
Material: ABS, PC plastic

Package List
Portable Box * 1
Cable * 1
Instruction manual * 1

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