8 PCS Empty Plastic Spray Bottles 3.4 OZ 100 ML

Empty Plastic Spray Bottles: 8 PCS


Refillable Fine Mist Sprayer for Essential Oils,Travel


Packaging 8-pack: The spray bottle consists of eight empty plastic bottles of 50 ml. Suitable for various liquids and occasions. Trick, cleaning, business trip, irrigation, camping, holidays.
PET resistant material: made of PET, the bottle will not break easily. It has good air retention and prevents loss of fluid. As it is a transparent bottle, you can know the remaining quantity at a glance.
360-degree spray: spray horizontally or upside down, the spray volume is sufficient. A wide range of spray is carried out in a single spray with less force. The fog is uniform and can be used comfortably.
Easy to transport: the spray bottle is light and small. The capacity is 100 ml, i.e. the volume of liquid that can be transported on an aircraft. It is also convenient to put it in a backpack, a school bag or a pocket, so that you can carry it with you.


The Fine Mist Spray Bottle Offer You Great Convenience When You Are on Business or Travel, Also Daily Use..

Important Tips:
-Please do not use the hot water to clean it in case of deformation.
-Please do not fill any drinks.
-Please use out of the liquids ASAP in case of material deterioration or any staining on the bottle.

Plastic spray bottle to provide comfortable use. The bottles have strong jet force which can spray a long distance.

Package Contain: 8 x Fine Mist Spray Bottles

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