Fashion Mosquito Killer, Electric Mosquito Zappers USB Rechargeable Mosquito Lamp Insects Killer Fly Traps Indoor Outdoor Use for Backyard, Office

Mosquito Killer: White


【SAFE PHYSICAL MOSQUITO KILLER】Compared to mosquito coils and insect repellents, this electronic UV light insect killer is Non-toxic, non-radiative, green and safe for human beings. Just turn on the mosquito lamp, the UV light attracts mosquitos, flies, moths, and other insects with the special (365 nm) wavelength, and then killing them by the high voltage grid.
【360°UV BLUE LIGHT】This fly zapper can release as much angle at your area with 10W power consumption on 50-80㎡ coverage area between the source of insects. And the area to be protected like front sitting porch or the backyard patio and away from the area intended for human activity.
【COMPLETELY SILENT NOISE FREE】No loud than 20 dB, won’t disturb your rest and sleep, comfortable for night time use. Suitable for bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, hotel, restaurant, etc.
【INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SOLUTION】This fly zapper can be used both inside and outside of a house, office or restaurant. Perfect for backyards, BBQ and pool area.
【EASY TO CLEAN】Use a cleaning brush to clean up the power grid mosquitoes and debris, and then pour the cleaned garbage into the trash can.

Our bug zapper was design to be light weight and portable to be able to take with you anywhere. When you go fishing you can place this bug zapper lamp right next to you and turn on the bug eradicate mode to ensure no mosquitoes bother you while you are fishing.

Set up the mosquito killer on the tabletop to protect you at night. There is no operating noise so you are sure to have peace in quiet when this is set next to you or near you in your bedroom.

Item Size: 87*87*125mm
Input: USB 5V 1A
Power bug zapper: 1.2W
Grid Voltage: 600V
Battery Capacity: 2200mah Power 10W

Package includes:
1* Electric bug zapper
1* USB charging cable
1* Cleaning brush
1* User manual

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