Fogger Machine Disinfectant Fogger Atomizer Spray ULV Sprayer 7L Electric Cold Sprayer 35inch Hose & 19.8ft Power Cord for Indoor Outdoor Garden Yard

Fogger Machine: 1 SET


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 【PROFESSIONAL SPECS】 7L ULV Fogger is powered by a 1200W 110V electric motor achieving. Spray distance 20-26 feet for maximum fogging efficiency. Adjustable particle sizes from 0-50μm to meet your various spraying needs.

【 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】The electric atomizer's liquid pipeline is made of German silicone which is not easy to age, can help reduce the maintenance cost of the user. A wise choice to save the solution, time, and money!
【EASY OPERATE】Simply unscrew the lid and add a solution of fewer than 7 liters according to your needs, tighten the lid of the tank, then turn on the fogger switch and atomization switch to start. Note: The added solution CAN'T over 7L or it will cause solution leakage.
【WIDELY APPLICATION】 Our fogger machine can be widely used for airports, docks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, homes, farms, gardens, public transport, theaters, and other public indoor & outdoor places.
【WHAT YOU WILL GET 】1pc electric intelligent ulv sprayer + 1pc portable strap + 1pc user manual; NO risk purchase- our friendly customer service always stands behind our product and reply all email within 24 hours.


Easy Control
ON/OFF ON HANDLE FOR CONVENIENCE :Spray up to 20-26 feet of chemicals/liquid for maximum fogging. Cover your field, yard, crops, garden, orchards, plants, and growing area in record time. The adjustable screw allows you to easily change the rate of flow of your fogger mid-use. With an average particle size of 20-50 microns, this is the ideal fogger for ULV spraying needs.

German Import Quality
This pipe is imported from Germany. It has strong anti-corrosion ability and good quality. Please feel free to use it.

Solid Structure
Unique design makes it light and strong.

7L High Capacity
This machine can hold 7L of liquid at a time, enough to clean the area you want.

Model: Electric ULV Sprayer
Voltage: AC110V
Fog Particles:0-50 microns (adjustable)
Spray Distance:6m-8m
Power Line Length:6m
Max. Spray Rate:400ml/min (adjustable)
Size 48x22.5x30cm

1. Close the throttle valve, unplug the power plug, and press the switch to the O (OFF) position. Unscrew the medicine box cover, add the medicine solution with a volume of fewer than 7 liters, and tighten the medicine box cover according to the required ratio.

2. Insert the power socket, unscrew the throttle valve to an appropriate position, lift the machine with one hand or one shoulder, hold the spray head, and press the switch to the I (ON) position. The machine will be controlled automatically by the smartboard and started slowly, spraying a mist of medicine. Press the switch to O (OFF) position, the machine will automatically shut down and the work is completed.

3. Rotate the throttle valve to adjust the size of the mist particles and the spray volume. Rotate the throttle counterclockwise to increase the amount of mist and the size of the mist particles. Turn the throttle clockwise to reduce the amount of mist and the size of the mist particles until the amount of mist is 0 and the size of the mist particles is 0.

4. After use, the throttle valve must be turned clockwise to close to prevent the liquid from flowing out.

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