Nail Free Wall Hook Screw Adhesive Non-Trace No Drilling for Bathroom Shower Kitchen Install Hanging, Waterproof Transparent Screws Hook 16Pcs/Set

Nail Size: 6mm


✅ Material: Made of stainless steel, ABS, PVC and No trace glue.
✅ Heavy Duty: Solid, reliable, waterproof and oil-proof, heavy duty can burden high gravity, great bearing up to 8kg.
✅ Practical: Great for Installation hanging living room,bedroom, bathroom and kitchen utensils and accessories.
✅ Easy Install :Just peel off the cover starting from the bulge, then put the hook on smooth surface.50X80 mm area allows them to paste firmly.Easy to clean and reposition without surface damage
✅ Dimensions: Different nail size for your choose (6mm,10mm,16mm) transparent nail make your home beauty and clean.

Adhesive Seamless Nail Wall Hooks Transparent No Traces Stickers Nail Screw Installation Hanging Rack

Color: Transparent
Gross Weight: 88g
Material: Stainless steel+PVC+ABS+glue
Stickers nail size: 5cm*8cm (Length*Width).
Screw rod Length: 6-16mm.
Packing Specifications: 16 Pcs/Set
Package included: 16*No trace stickers nail; 16*Screw nut.

Installation steps are as follows:
1. Wipe the dust, grease on the wall with clean soft cloth and keep it fully dry.
2. Uncover barrier film on bottom layer. Don't touch sticking face with hand.
3. Position the position of sticking film, paste the patch affixed to the wall horizontally.
4. Flatten with force to the patch from inside to outside, press each region tightly to evacuate the air in the sticking patch.
5. Then install hanging rack and screw nut.
6. Check that the installation is against the wall.

1. Please pay attention that there are limits on painted walls, otherwise it might damaged your paint. Avoid using on uneven surface, the more smooth the wall, the better the results.
2.This screw can hold up to 8kg. But we'd like to suggest no more than 8kg for holding a long time.
3. Please clean the adhesive surface with water if it has dust covered before installation the hook.
4. Do not use it at temperatures above 80 degrees.

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